The editor of ZAD Al-Mufassirin openly accepts written contributions (articles) from experts, academics, scholars, or Muslim students, to publish their work in this journal. Some criteria that need to be met to contribute to writing, including the following:

1.  The submitted article is not a plagiarism result, has never been published, nor is it in the process of publishing elsewhere.

2. The article discusses the study of the science of the Qur'an and Tafsir.

3. Articles can be written in Indonesian, Arabic, as well as English.

4. Non Arabic articles are written using Microsoft Words, Garamond font size 12, space 1.15, paper size A4.

5. Arabic articles are written using Microsoft Words, Traditional Arabic letters, font size 18, space 2, A4 paper size.

6. The identity of the manuscript is mentioned by the description of the title of the article, the author's name, name and address of the author's institution, the author's address, phone number, and email address.

7. Articles are accompanied by abstracts with a length of about 200 words, added keywords.

8. Systematics of manuscript material includes: Introduction, which includes background, research objectives, previous research relevant to the researcher; Theoretical Studies, containing theoretical foundations; Research Methodology, which includes research design, research approaches, research methods, data retrieval techniques, data analysis techniques, and data validity and realability tests; Results and Discussions, which include analysis, research findings; Conclusion, including the final result of the discussion.

9. Writing footnotes and Bibliography, using the Chicago Manual of Style method.

10. Transliteration from Arabia to Indonesia, refers to transliteration guidelines that have been compiled by the editor of the journal ZAD Al-Mufassirin STIQ ZAD Cianjur.

11. For information and communication, you can contact the Editor in Chief via contact.